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Thanks for checking out our new website! We have a lot planed from between now and 2018 so keep on checking out the site and following along on Facebook.

One of the biggest things we’re happy to announce, is the coming of Flagstaff’s community studio! The studio will feature a powerful i7 processor 16GB 1Tb Physical drive & an additional 2Tb of Cloud storage for our subscribers. We’re currently in the process of beta testing the mutli and cross platform Digital Audio Workstation’s or D.A.W.s with the studio’s existing X32 and latest edition Xair18 Desktop recording and live mixing consoles. If you would like to be a part of our Beta testing in 2017 sign up here for more details.

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The community studio will role out subscription based services the begin of January 2018. Here’s what to expect:

  • Pro Tools
  • Abelton Live
  • Cuebase
  • Studio One
  • Reason
  • Reaper
  • Tracktion
  • Logic Pro X
  • Final Cut
  • Motion
  • 32 track live recording through a Berhenger X32
  • 16 track live recording through a Berhenger Xair18 Desktop
  • Access to DSLR cameras
  • Access to over 32 Studio Quality microphones
  • Access to real analog; pre amps, compressors, gates, FX racks and more
  • Studio quality instruments and amps with a complimentary house acoustic drum kit

If that’s not enough we still have everything you would need to present you or your band as true professional with our web services.

  • Domain name
  • Website
  • Email
  • Digital marketing

To much information. Okay we got you, just schedule a one on one free consultation to make sure you know what plan’s right for you.

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