Long term Use

This price is subject to change,

Once an invoice passes 14 days delinquent a late fee of $25 per day will be applied till balance is paid and account is current. In the case an account falls 28 days delinquent the account holder will be notified they will have the following 28 days to bring the account current before relinquishing all position of personal property. To cover the cost of their balance. In the case an account falls a total of 56 days delinquent the account holder will have first opportunity to purchase their property back before the property is available for sale to the public. We reserve the right to NOT sell the property to the account holder or public.


no booking request will be considered official unless gone through [email protected] email address. No confirmations will be considered confirmed on the hives official event calendar unless confirmed on this email address. 

Room rate pricing is based off of requestee’s eligible discount. All requests are subject to the current hold the date fee. The hold the date fee is non refundable. A cancellation fee of $75 maybe be impose on the clients account if cancelation of the event is less then 72 hours prior to doors open of their event. Every 24 hour interval of advance notice would decrease the cancellation fee by $25

The room rate is a flat fixed flat rate subject to change at anytime. To find the current room rate, refer to our online pricing.

Once contact has been made with requestee an active 3 day invoice will be sent to the primary contacts email. The requestee has 72 hours from when the invoice was sent to fulfill payment. Once payment is made, the date is officially confirmed. 

In the event of the invoice not being paid in full the requestee will no longer hold the date and the date is then available to anyone else. In the event an active invoice is sent out to a requestee and a new requestee is seeking the same date, current holding requestee will receive notice by extending their open invoice by 72 hours at the same time sending an active invoice to the new requestee. First to fulfillment payment we will hold the date and confirmation will be made on the official Hive calendar

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