Hold the date

$85.00 / day

All booking submissions are reviewed and considered . We offer additional services when renting out the space such as box office deals, sound, and lighting.

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Steps to holding the date are as follows:

  1. Submit the dates you would like to have your event.
  2. Pay the hold the date fee including the calendar maintenance fee.
    1. The calendar maintenance fee of $5 is non-refundable 
  3. Wait for us to contact you via email with a confirmation or suggested alternative date.
    1. Your submission reviewed and a confirmation will be given within 72 hours.
      1. if the submission is confirmed your hold the date fee will not be refunded.
      2. if the submission is NOT confirmed your hold the date fee will be refunded.
  4. Terms and agreements will be covered at this time.
  5. Enjoy your event!